Monday, November 26, 2012


A day of relaxation.    Traditionally we have always traveled to Fort Worth to feast on my sisters amazing Thanksgiving cooking and my brother n laws mouth watering fried turkey.  This year we decided that we would stay in.  Jeff had worked for eleven days straight and we both had to get up early on Friday and work.  Staying in our PJ's all day was exactly what we needed. 

We all contributed to our Thanksgiving feast.  Dylan was helpful peeling potatoes and sweet potatoes.  Memphis made sure all the scraps were eaten up quickly and left little sweeping for me.  Jeff made an amazing gourmet mac and cheese and I successfully stuffed and cooked a Turkey! 

 We had daisies on the table in the midst of a fall bouquet to remember our sweet Kelsie and the chair that is always empty around our table.

It's hard, celebrating a family holiday when you don't have all your family.  You always try to make the best of it.  One mother described it "when the joy and sadness collide" that's spend these days dipping into the light but not too far away from the dark.  You enjoy and delight in the days you have with your family still here, but you long...groan...and beg for the day you feast at the big table with everyone...GLORY. 

We laughed, we bickered, we stressed out, we calmed down, we loved, we cried, we made it through another Thanksgiving day missing our sweet Kelsie. 

I am proud of our family.  I am so Thankful that Jeff and I still have mornings when we wake up with a smile and still have nights that we kiss each other goodnight.  I am thankful for a son whose eyes light up when we talk about the sweet memories of his sister.  We have fought through the anger, clinched our fist through the tears. 

My knees have hit the floor time and time again lamenting, crying, praising, begging, loving.  He is moments of clarity...I see He is faithful...He loves me, He loves Jeff, He loves Dylan...He loves.