Monday, November 19, 2012


One piece at a time.  One day at a time.  One moment after another.  Learning to find joy in the life I still have been blessed with, and learning to grieve on in the life that I find joy in.

Grieve on.  Loving in the midst of loss.  Joy surrounded by pain.  My sweet sweet song.  A daughter who wore here first white dress at her funeral.  A loving tender hearted husband who just wants his family to be happy, a son who loves with all his heart and hides too many of his tears.  Me, a wife who sorts through it all daily. 

There are moments that grief does not get touch, that the pain doesn't get to take away.  Goofy grins, hugs that linger and kisses that are felt.  Grief doesn't get to have everything.
Genuine smiles from hearts that are truly broken.  These are our moments to treasure.  The pain subsides for a moment, and the life that we had known peeks through the cracks of a shattered family.
A promise from God, close enough to touch. 
A gift from God.

A moment so brief, a moment so loved, a moment so missed.  A pain so deep and hurt that never stops lingering.  It is the deep missing that can only come from a love so much deeper.
A Beginning full of new beginnings.

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  1. Trusting God with you Summer! He is faithful. And a master at making all things new. Love you!