Saturday, April 14, 2012

One Candle

I read this in an article recently posted by my amazing friend, Maggie...

3) The person you’re with will love you for life if you’ll help keep the memories of their son or daughter alive. A brief note on a birthday or an anniversary of the death—especially one where you mention a story or a characteristic you remember!—is more precious than all the gold in Fort Knox.

When we got back from Cancun, I had at least 100 different messages on Facebook.  So many people honored my sweet Kelsie's birthday is so many different ways.  Some posted Daisies as there profile picture.  Dylan, Adrianna, Meredith, Jason, Keith and Donna all had birthday cake and sang a sweet happy birthday song, My family let balloons go, My friend Maggie and kiddos let balloons go,  some of y'all planted daisies, some of y'all visited the cemetery, and I know there were so many prayers and even some tears for us.  I LOVE honoring Kelsie, I LOVE talking about her, I LOVE remembering her.  I LOVE her and I LOVE everyone for joining us in honoring her birthday. 

The honoring is such a very important part of the healing.  Thank you every one for honoring our sweet Kelsie on her birthday.  It is truly more precious than gold! 

Love to ALL~

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