Tuesday, April 24, 2012


1 Thessalonians 5:8

...helmet which is our hope in salvation...Why do we need a helmet to protect our hope which is in our salvation. 

I actually stumbled across this scripture in a blog I read this morning. I thought mmm, I never really thought about how my hope in salvation would need a helmet for protection.  For me it's the thoughts, the subtle thoughts of salvation, the battle of who I am and who I am in Christ. It's the questions "Is this real?" "My actions do not reflect a child of God, am I really?".    After a conversation with a friend this morning I realize I need three titanium helmets, one for me, one for Dylan and one for Jeff.  All with lifetime warranties so when they wear out I can get a replacement quick.  I hear thoughts of negativity, thoughts of unworthiness, thoughts of self doubt continuously spoken in our home.  These thoughts become a catalyst for separation from God.  They are dull and subtle but can become an avalanche of self hatred and self loathing. 

I remember Paul in Galations speaking truth and grace over and over.  I have to know it, I have to trust it, I have to have faith that His grace is sufficient for me, for us, for our family.   I need the helmet to protect me from my thoughts from the one who comes to kill steal and destroy and put my hope, every ounce of my hope, into the One who came to bring life whose promises I cling to.