Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I have heard this song several times and the only person that I think of is Jesika, my Melba.  My sister.  I honestly can't find the words to truly express our relationship.  It's a bond that I truly believe very few sisters have.  We get each other, we love each others flaws, we laugh at all of our "non" jokes.  We walk with God together, we seek Christ.  We have boys that are just weeks apart in age.  We each have a daughter.  Jesika has shed just as many tears, if not more over Kelsie, and over me.  She knows my grief like no other.  She is so wise, so loving.  I am pretty sure mom was pretty freaked out when she had another baby on the way just months after me, but God knew we would need each other...He knew!   We share a life of valley's, we talk about the shadows of our past, shadows that no one really wants to know or hear.  The amazing part of the Shadows is that we can see God's hand all throughout our lives.  In this season, my Melba, is no doubt the angel by my side.  She never tries to take the pain away, she never tries to lighten the mood...she walks side by side and allows me to travel this journey my way.  When I am on a negative rant, she never engages in my negativity (well not never) but she always responds with this amazing wisdom.  She reads about grief, she studies what things she should do, she prays and prays for ways to support me, to love me through this.  She doesn't try to get me through this she loves me in the midst of this. She stands on the promises of God and tackles my grief head on with me.  She has her own life, her own children, her own burdens to bare, but God has put my broken heart right next hers and she carries my grief with her everyday along with her life and her burdens.   She cries for my husband, she cries for my son, she cries for the loss of my daughter.   I just could not imagine, I can't and I won't imagine having to do this without her picking up the phone.  Sending Scripture through texts, reminding to read my "Streams in the Desert".  Telling me, "Summer thank God you are finally crying, quit trying to be so strong".   I can collapse with her, I am safe.

Love You Melba,



  1. They were wonderful, loving sisters, Melba and Eva, just as God has given you each other for strength, comfort and love!! You both are amazing women!!

  2. You are right he knew. This means so much to me and I wouldn't have it any other way. Our relationship had grown in a way I could have ever imagined through grief pain and missing. One thing that is there and will always be is unconditional undying love! I love you Eva Mae!! I do!! Melba

  3. You all are precious. So glad you have this special relationship! What a blessing indeed!

  4. I love you both! Granny, Ebie and Kelsie are smiling down on ya'll and are so proud of both of you. Ya'll are the best daughters a mother could hope for. mom