Saturday, August 3, 2013

CR 68

A little country road, tucked away in the suburbs.  My favorite two mile street.  On this road, I go unplugged. I wrap my head phones around my tank strap, pick up my pace a few notches and put the G to the O.  There are rarely any cars on this stretch of old asphalt.  Within two minutes of being unplugged, I am accompanied by the monarch butterflies that I assume call CR 68 their home.  They dance around me as if they are leading me to the end of road.  Showing me the way.  I smile the entire two miles.  My feet hit the pavement one then the other, my heartbeat is steady and my breath is perfect.  Nothing goes out of sync on this stretch.  Sometimes my tears that I valiantly hold back, escape from the corners of my eyes and stream down.  This two mile stretch makes five miles seem like three.  She is with me here.  Dancing around me, cheering me on, loving me from afar. 

September 2011 my first 5K race at Plano Balloon Festival.  Kelsie and Jeff were waiting at the finish line for me. She is still waiting at the finish line for me, except I have a feeling this race will go on for another 70 years.  The women in this family just keep living on and on and on.  This September I have signed up for the Plano Balloon race again, this year I am doing the half marathon.  I have a lot of training to do between now and then.  Me, CR 68, the monarch butterflies, my worn out Brooks, and my little girl who always seems to show up when I need her the most will put the rubber to the pavement and complete a 13.1 September 21. 

I still miss you.  ~Always

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  1. It is really hard to read through tears. Then the picture of you and Kelsie appears and a river starts to flow. I am so very proud of how you are traveling this very long road. The tears and the missing will continue. The strides you are making between give me hope for all of us. I love you so very much. Mom