Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter 42

God's promise:

2 Timothy 2:12 if we endure we will reign with him.

The Greek word for hope is elpis which is defined as desire of some good with expectation of obtaining it.  Biblically hope is a positive outlook toward an expected outcome NOT an "oh maybe this could happen" outcome.  Hope is what will happen. 

God, as my counselor, is guiding me through endurance and perseverance.  Each study I am doing is intertwining with some reflection on endurance and or perseverance. 

Today I spent 40 minutes reflecting on Job 23.  Praying over Job and his response to his terrible friends, Eliphaz and Termanite.  Job's confidence in the promises of God are inspiring. 

In the beginning of the Chapter Job admittedly states:

Even my complaint is bitter.  Job says if only He could find God he would state his case before him.  Job admits, Yes I would fill my mouth with arguments.  But then Job states in 23:14-17 He carries out his decrees against me , and such plans he still has in store. That is why I am terrified before him; when I think of all this I fear him.  God has made my heart faint; the Almighty has terrified me.  Yet I am not silenced by the darkness, by the thick darkness that covers my face.

The darkness that the enemy would like to use to silence me.  The grief, the loss, the thickness of exhaustion could all be used as very relevant and understandable emotions to silence God's Glory in my life. No one would truly ridicule me of that, in fact most people might understand that reaction more so than the confidence in God's plan and the joy that has and will always outshine the thick darkness. 

God's glory shines in my circumstances because He is mighty and He is faithful.  His promises are true.  Job endured, stood firm in God's glory and...well there is Chapter 42.

In the unforgettable words of Kay Arthur~

You hangeth thou in there baby

I'm hanging there God, I am!  Some days it's an untrimmed pinkie nail clinging to a tiny branch, some days I have a solid oak branch that I sit and rest on...but every day I hang in there and I believe in God's glory in all circumstances.  Even though I fear the Lord, my endurance is inspired by the hope that is revealed in my sword, the word of God.

Yours truly

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  1. I'm hanging in there with you my friend!!! And so thankful that I can trust that God will NEVER let go.