Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tender Mercies

April 5, 2012
This morning, after Dylan and I had a missing Kelsie cry, I made the executive decision to keep Dylan home from school.  Around noon we headed out to buy balloons.  We purchased 6 pink balloons one for each month Kelsie was with us and one Mylar balloon for her 1st birthday.  Dylan of course picked out the sport balloon.  We both thought that was more appropriate than a princess balloon.  Dylan and I wrote a note to put into each balloon.  Dylan decided on just two notes to send in the balloons. 
The moment was so bittersweet.  We spent 5 minutes in the car just crying together.  It was really hard to even gather the courage to let these balloons go.  Dylan and I both had wished that these were for a birthday party.  You can see our swollen cry eyes in the pictures.
Then it was time to release the balloons to Heaven.  I got the camera ready and Dylan counted to three.  And the balloons quickly met the beautiful blue sky we had today.  This moment was so surreal.  It was so sad.  I don't understand why we released balloons to heaven instead of preparing for a home full of guest to celebrate a 1 year birthday party.  I am confused, I am sad, I am hurt.  The balloons flew fast and they flew high.  Very high, Dylan said "Mom I think these balloons will make it to heaven."  I agreed.  We watched the balloons disappear.  Dylan turned around and said "Mom! Look there are two daisies right there.  I turned around and in the same spot were Dylan took the picture right above, were two daisies.  The daisies were not there before.  We had sat there, I have the picture to prove that there were no daisies until after the balloons were released.  I just started to cry.  I told Dylan "Buddy look and see if there are any other Daisies in this field."  He searched throughout two fields and those were the ONLY two daisies in that field.   I told Dylan, "These are from Heaven.  Dylan, Kelsie asked God to place these white Daisies next to us, one for you and one for me."  Dylan cried, I cried and we were so thankful to God for giving us such a beautiful gift on this sad sad day.


  1. What a tender moment indeed. Hugs to you both!

  2. Oh wow oh my goodness! I had a very similar experience right after Aaron was killed! A friends roses changed from red to yellow. Before it was over, the entire bush changed after being red for years. Well, actually, it was Cindy Kerbys bush. She can tell you and I too, have the picture. God is so good and this just totally made my day! I love you and Dylan! And may Gods Easter blessings totally cover you in daisies!

  3. weeping with you. praying for you. so thankful that God sent you those daisies to remind y'all that He loves you and remembers your pain...

    keep choosing to see.