Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This time last year I was a busy second time around new mom.  Awaiting patiently for this gift, a sweet little girl, my daughter to enter this world.  We had finally decided on a name and we began picking out colors for the room.  I cleaned every nook and cranny, replaced the filter for our water.  I was reading everything I could on how to breast feed.  My sweet baby was tucked away inside my belly listening to my heart beat, kicking my bladder, and the hiccups, the never ending hiccups...I love baby hiccups.  My pregnancy was no easy task to under take.  I had constant nausea up until the 6 month and there after I still had some nausea but it was not constant.  I was so tired.  My hips huuurrrt, my boobs were incredibly tender to the slightest touch. I can't in good conscience say that I love being little kinda sucks.  Oh but I love a baby, love love love that first look.  The first time you meet your child the entire pregnancy just melts away with your softened heart.  This is why, oh my gosh this is why it is all worth it.  My delivery was cake, I had a c-section and I have to say I was a total rock star!  The first thing I said when I saw Kelsie...OH MY GOD she looks just like you honey and I kissed her sweet chubby cheeks.  Five out of her Seven pounds where in her cheeks :) 

This bitter sweet time leading up to her birthday I just can't help but wish I still had my little girl tucked away in my belly safe and sound and what I would not give for a case of the hiccups.   Being a woman carrying a child is an amazing gift and tonight as I think about this time last year, I am so incredibly thankful that God gave women this amazing gift. I feel like I was the only person lucky enough to have known Kelsie for an additional ten months.  She was quite the pistol tucked away inside me.  I already knew so much about her before I even heard her cry.  I miss my little girl so very deeply.  It's like a part of me is missing...

the missing...


  1. I will never forget Sherry telling us that she wished she could just keep her kids safe in her tummy. At the time I thought, that's a little wierd and would be very uncomfortable!! Now I know, I knew the minute I had Weston, they are safe there. I am so thankful you have the sweet sweet memories of that sweet precious Kelsie. She did come out looking just like a beautiful version of Jeff and boy did that trend just keep going with her. I love that girl, I do, I do!!! I love you too!!!

  2. Praying a very special prayer for you in these coming days and weeks. May God carry you through this time and wrap His loving arms around you. Sending you love!