Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just in case You need some motherly advice...

Dear Lord,

I know Kelsie is yours now, she always has been I suppose. I am sure you know and are all she needs right now but I just want to make sure you know some of the little things that made her smile. Cold wet wash rags. She loved sucking on the cold water she had just started teething. I gave her one every time I put her in her chair. She would.get so excited. I kept all her blankets but I am sure you have one in heaven, please make sure she has one as she sleeps. She loved her blanket. She will cover her face with it, don't worry she loves it and it usually ends up completley off her body by the time she wakes up. Please put applesauce in her oatmeal in the mornings, it's the only way she will eat it. Hold my baby close to you. She loves the warmth and if you don't mind sing "you are my sunshine" to her. I could calm her down with that song. It works every time. I am sure you know this. I just miss her and I need to know she is ok.



  1. I know she has all those things and so much more that we can't even begin to imagine. I love you.

  2. Jesus, will you tell her that Granma loves her so much, and can't wait to hold her again. and in the meantime please keep your eyes on her mommy and daddy, they miss her so much. Amen

  3. And Lord, I wonder, does Granny Great rock her and sing that song to her? Only after a ride on Aarons shoulders, I bet.