Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happily Ever After

Once upon time, there was a girl who loved this boy, this boy loved her more than she had ever been loved before.  She wooed him with back massages and sweet kisses. His promises were heartfelt and his love was deep.  So deep and so true in fact that one night he asked her to be his wife.  Under the light of a small pumpkin the girl said yes and the planning began.  The wait wasn't long and soon the day came where they stood in front of all the land and he kissed his bride.  They danced together under the roof of an old barn.  Laughter filled the room and many loved ones came just to see them and wish them well.  It wasn't long...just four months, in fact, that two pink lines told them soon another would join their family of three.  In April came the day, the eleventh just to be exact, and on this day the sweet family of four was complete.  The love of a little girl filled their hearts and filled their home.  Everyday they loved, they laughed, they tried to sleep.  A sweet baby sister to her big brother, a loving daughter to her mother, and daddy's little girl to her father.  Who could ask for more?  For six months their family was an amazing, beautiful puzzle that God pieced together.  But one day a special piece of their beautiful puzzle became missing.  Their daughter, a borrowed angel, flew back to the heavens.  A sad family this now was.  So many asked why, so many cried but this boy and this girl knew what they had to do.  A promise to each they made, that kisses and hugs would be given each day.  Love would grow around the wounds of their hearts, never replacing or covering the wound, but maybe just maybe, enough love would grow that the wounds that brought such sadness would be replaced with moments of joy.  A family of four they will always be; only adding to never taking away.  This family of four is special indeed, so special you see because they are only complete by an angel, whose love comes from above.


  1. Thanks for being such an inspiration!!!

  2. I am going to take a bath now and cry. I love your family of four so much!