Friday, November 18, 2011

First Dance

My Sunshine,

I heard this song this morning, and I remembered you.

I was busy trying to get work completed, house chores, and pay bills but this song came on and I immediately dropped what I was doing, turned it up loud, and swooped you off your play mat and we danced to this entire song.  I moved the coffee table to the side and I swayed side to side swinging you from hip to hip.  You smiled so big.  I dipped you and you laughed out loud.  I spun you around for the very first time and your eyes got so big and when we stopped you just looked at me and I laughed at you, then I laughed with you.  What a memory my sweet girl.  After the song was over I tried to put you back down so that I could get back to my to do list, but you had too much fun in my arms and you were not ready to be put down.  I immediately reached down to hold you again.  I am pretty sure I held you for the rest of that day and didn't get much else done.  I am sure that day I felt guilty for not finishing that extra load of clothes and I had to stay up a little past my bedtime to get the work completed and my bills might of have been just a day late, but today that precious time was set aside for you and I am so glad it was.   Feeling the memories we shared is so sweet and equally sad.  I wish I could dance with you today.  I still to this day would not hesitate to drop my to do list just to spin you around, to hear your laughter, to see you smile, to hold you so tight to my heart and then dip. I wish I could exchange my tears for your smiles.

I hope you get to dance in heaven, I know without a doubt you would have loved to dance.  Your dad would have loved to have had your little feet on his and swayed side to side as your little fingers held on tightly to his.  Someday, right, someday we all dance together.  Until then, I will always remember your first dance and the joy that we shared holding each other.

You are the most amazing firework, I have ever seen,

My heart aches for your presence,

I miss you Kelsie Sloane~
Your Ma Ma Ma Ma


  1. Someday soon, yes someday soon you will have that dance for eternity! You, my sweet Summer, are also an amazing firework! Your light shines so bright, even in the darkest moments of your worst days. I love you so very much!! mom

  2. Oh Summer my heart aches. Sometimes it is just unbearable. I love you sweet sister.

  3. Oh, how we wait for that next dance with our babies! It will come, it will come!

  4. Summer, you are a FIREWORK. My heart aches for you.