Monday, August 25, 2014

It's Cliche

My not so baby, baby boy starts middle school today.  It's so cliché but so true, time goes by so fast.  Dylan's first twelve years have been a rollercoaster full of highs and lows.  At 23, after the shock of pregnancy wore off, I was completely and utterly head over heals for my baby boy to be.  When that little guy was born my heart was his.  He was such a good baby, seriously sleeping for almost six hours at night on day three.  Crying a little for food, diaper change, or sleepy time but other than he was a happy baby.  As he grew into a toddler, I had never had so much joy in my life.  Watching him grow, helping him learn, listening to him, loving him was a gift.  I wonder if I realized what a true gift it was at that time? I don't think so, I was too young. 

Now that we enter into these new years, I am aware of the gift I have been given and that I have been able to keep.  Going into Middle School I am not sad, I was, the end of 5th grade I didn't want to believe I would drop him off at Middle School at the end of August but here we are.   I couldn't be more proud of my young man, he is brave, caring, he works hard, he believes in himself.   My heart is aware that not every mom is given the gift to see their little boy grow into young man, my heart is also aware that I am not promised tomorrow with him so I must live in the present, be willing to change as he changes.  Take the time to learn about this new young man he is becoming.  Give him his space to grow but stay close enough to help him through life's battles.  I look forward to today, dropping him off into a new school, watching him adapt over the next few days and then this new era of adolescence.  I love his life, I honor his living soul, I cherish each tender moment.  I pray for life-for breathe-please don't take his away. 

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