Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hold On

Her absence is darkness, her life is a light for my soul.  My hope is so frail, some days I stand firm some days I am torn away even though I hold on like hell.  Tears fall from my eyes, in the same moment, I smile and even laugh.  The sun still shines bright and it feels so good on my skin, I miss her so much nothing should feel good at all.  My heart is broken and with a tender word, a precious hug, a tender mercy, a tiny piece of the brokenness is healed.  Her memories bring a precious warmth to my heart and a piercing pain to my soul.  I miss her yesterday's so much, even worse I miss her today's.  The silence stings but allows me the time I need to silently grieve.  The world couldn't comprehend this pain, I wouldn't want it too.  I hold on to her  every.  single.   day.   I hold on to her.  Never forgetting her face, her touch, her smell, her laughter.  I have left behind the woman I was with her, that piece of me is missing, but her, she is always with me as close as close can be. 


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