Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Our family is reminded once again of how fragile life is.  The hard reminder of always live every day like it is your last.  This young man is fighting furiously for his life, for a future with his unborn son, Braxxton.  For another days work hand written in an old black weathered composition book.  This part of life is hard.  It sucks to watch his mom and dad whom I love so dearly use every ounce of energy they have to hold it together.  It has to be tough to laugh along with others as your heart is tormented with the intense pain of watching your baby laying in a bed fighting for his life.  A momma waddling around the waiting two weeks from her due date praying, hoping, waiting anxiously for the love of her life to come back to her.  It sucks to watch a young man, so full of life, who is so excited for the start of his family to lay there in a bed fighting for breath.  So much of me does not understand.  At the same time I am amazed at how God has built this masterpiece we call the human body.  Aaron is moving closer and closer to life every day, his body is healing. Everyday every hour is a new hour.  Sometimes the news is great, sometimes it's good, sometimes the weight of how fragile life is overwhelming.    No doubt the process is slow and with every step forward it feels like two steps back but the hope is in the steps forward.   Aaron is alive and has a fighting spirit.  He has set up and tried get out of that bed.  He responds to his dad almost always.  We laugh and say it is because he must think he has to get a report in or is late for work.  I am not sure why this family has to endure this journey together, we are not given the answers.  I am sure that this family, that we all will walk through this journey with faith, with hope, and with love.   Please pray for Aaron, pray for his family.  He will be in the Burn ICU in Lubbock for at least another 24 days.  The family would love to receive any support you can give: a card for Aaron, a monetary donation to help his family with expenses while they are there, whatever your heart may ask of you.  
You may send all get well wishes to:

University Meical Center
602 indiana ave.
Lubbock tx. 79451
Attn: Aaron Bunch

Please note they will not allow Aaron to have flowers or stuffed animals in the room and Mylar balloons are the only type of balloons allowed.

All my love,

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