Monday, April 16, 2012


"Is that my mom and dad?" "Yes, sweet Kelsie," God said and pulled the child unto his lap.
"Why are they crying?" "They cry for you, My child,"" God answered as He wrapped His arms around the sweet little girl.
"Why do they cry for me?" Kelsie asked. "Because they want to hold you in their arms."
"But instead You hold me in your arms, huh, God?" "Yes, my daughter," God said.
"Why does that make them sad? I like it in Your arms!" "They love you very much, Kelsie, It can make a mommy's and daddy's heart sad when they don't get to hold their children - I know how it feels to watch My Child die."
"Have I died, God?" "Just on earth, Kelsie."
"I don't feel dead. I feel very much alive! Watch how fast I can run!" Kelsie crawled down from God's lap. "Yes, Kelsie, you are fast,". God clapped.
"Now watch me fly!" Kelsie said as she soared high."You are amazing!" God laughed.
Kelsie settled back into the safety of God's arms and said, "When will my parents fly, God?" "Someday, my child."
"Will we fly together?" "Yes, Kelsie, My mark is on their foreheads."
"Good." Kelsie said. Will you tell them I am safe and happy?" "I will comfort them, my dearest child."
"Will they be happy again?" "Yes, child. They will heal."
"And someday we will all get to be with You, huh, God?" "Yes, Kelsie. Someday," God promised.
"I love you, God," Kelsie said as she snuggled close to God. "I love you too sweet girl," God said as He put His hand on Kelsie’s head. "Take good care of my parents until they fly!" Kelsie said.
"I promise," God whispered.

I copied this from another blog, there was not author on the blog but that blog I copied it from did not claim they had written it either.  I replaced the original name with Kelsie.  I read this and I cried.  I had to share, I had to remember this.


  1. Wow, she is amazing! I love that sweet girl!! That brings so much comfort!!

    1. I just can't wait until we all fly together. What a glorious day that will be! I love you girls, moma

  2. Beautiful...Its comforting to think that because Robert was profoundly disabled all of his 14 earthly years of life that he is now in God's lap too, perfect! And that Kelsie may be sitting in Robert's lap too as they talk about us! And that we will all be together one day. Thanks for sharing Summer... hugs to you!

  3. This is beautiful Summer. We cry with you even as we continue to lift you up to Him. Please know the love is there even if the words aren't.

  4. Oh Summer, I love this! What a great, sweet relationship between Kelsie and God. Their conversation just touches me as I imagine my son, Scotty, being in God's lap talking to Him. I cannot wait for the glorious reunion with our angels! Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring story with us! God Bless You!